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Orient Multi Pointer Day CET05001 Review

Background :
I was looking for a beater dress watch for my daily office time ( I am a fulltime radiologist in Indonesia)

I search a dress watch, that is elegant and good look, but still fall in affordable line (for me affordable means < 200 U$) The watch must be thin enough to slip in my long sleeve. Since my diver collection are all too thick for office time.
In my country, there is not much authorized brand. Seiko has AD, but very limited collection, just some international collection. Swiss brand are all overpriced for me, like Tissot, Longines, Victorinox, and the high end Citizen is no longer exist. in my surprises, Orient still thrive to survive, the company survive because they also represent some fashion watch brand that has good sales in my country.
The hunt is on. I find and suddenly fall for Orient Multi Pointer Day CET05001, from Prof lee website I email Orient AD, and they could provide me with this watch.. for 70 u$ the general manager even delivered the watch personally to me in hospital.

Looks :

The dial is white / silver , with its multiple pattern in dial ( 4 pattern) :
- Outer pattern
- Inner pattern
- Day circle pattern
- 24 hours circle pattern

The outer and inner pattern has different direction and look so gorgeus together
while 2 circle pointer pattern show sunburst pattern

Diameter is 4 cm with crown but looks big since no big bezel insert and dial diameter is +/- 3,6 cm. Thickness is thin enough (< 1,3 cm) to fit in all my long sleeve
See how the watch easily fit into my long sleeve

Hours hands, minutes hand, second hands and two pointer hands, are all in deep blue colour.
This colors would transform from black to cobalt light blue, depends on the lighting
(this is great little things for me). Hour and minute hands is dauphine style with lume

From Black Color to Cobalt light b

All the numbers, pointers, day, date, all are alligned
I also like the chrome of the Numbers 12 and 9, chrome in hour pointer and chrome arround the Date. It give the bunglon look depends on the lighting colors), sort of like Seiko Samurai looks

Lume is so so in hours and minutes hand + dot in every hours, last all night dimly

Built and bracelet :
Overall. the whole solid bracelet has good finishing , no defect at all.
Bracelet is mix of of brushed and polished (1-3-5 brushed and 2-4 polished)

Bracelet is all solid piece with non solid end link but no ratlle sound at all

Buckle of bracelet has Orient signed with nice 2 fold buckle
Side of bracelet is highly polished.
The crown is also signed with orient logo but its a non screw down crown (according to 50 meter water resistant)

A little bit too shiny for me (planning to change it to good quality leather strap)
Bracelet fit nicely to my 7 1/2 inch wrist (lose 2 links to adjust)

Build overall a little bit in the light side (maybe because I get used to 200 gram dive watch)


Thee back is laser grafted with orient mark and it is shiny polished as a mirror
crown is evensigned with orient logo but its a non screw down crown (according to 50 meter water resistant)

Crystal :
Domed mineral crystal (no problems for me), I like classic look of domed crystal

Proven workhorse 21600 bph,
Movement is not as sweep as my other ETA 2824-2 and 2836-2 watch, but is even smoother than my Seiko Samurai Ti
Sorry, I dont open the movement to take pictures

my watch has 41-42 hours power reserve
I wear 1 whole week, sync to GMT time
Gross accuracy, is about - 2-3 sec per 24 hours
After 7 days, it deviate - 14 sec / 7 days

I am quite happy with the accuracy out of the box
(compared to Seiko Sumo with 6R15 , out of the box constant in -5 sec/ 24 H)

The crown first pull change the date only
Day in the pointer is not quick set (dunno if mine is defective?)
so I do trick from non quick set watch,
setting day from 9 pm - 12 pm, then backward again and again


No watch in my collection can beat this orient price ,
I got it from Orient AD for 70 $

My love is:
- Multiple dial pattern
- Blue hands
- Big presence but still thin enought to fit in all my long sleeves
- Convex retro look crystal
- Signed crown
- Solid bracelet
- movement has better accuracy than my Seikos
- look expensive and get many compliments

My complaints is :
- date is small (numbers not as big as ussual watch)
- day is not quick set (hopefully not because I got defective piece)
- not come in strap

I am happy with this watch
some of my colleague thought it is 500 $ watch from the look alone
I simply smile (if only they know it is a 70 $ watch)

On the wrist

Final Wrist Shot

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